Jill Barry, Vice President
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Jeff Moore , General Sales Manager for Cumberland Gap Distributors
1-877-692-4679 ext 129
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Glenn Hoskins, Production Manager
1-877-692-4679 ext 166
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Jeff Steely, Territory Manager
1-877-692-4679 ext 160 (Office)
1-276-608-3045 (Cell)
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Elizabeth Barry Romans, Director of Public Relations
1-877-692-4679 ext 114
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Neil G. Barry IV, Account Executive
1-877-692-4679 ext 154
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Lisa Moyers, Data Systems Manager
1-877-692-4679 ext 123
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Quincy Miracle, IT and Webdesign Programmer and Coordinator
1-877-692-4679 ext 140
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Brenda Bailey, Director of Human Resources
1-877-692-4679 ext 126
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Cumberland Gap Mountain Spring Water
1324 Cumberland Ave
Middlesboro, KY 40965

(877) 692-4679

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